Costs of Climate in Action: Displacement and Distress Migration

Climate change has deepened the severity and frequency of climate related hazards, pushing people to migrate at any cost, and subjecting them to the matter of humanitarian crisis. Migration has […]

Is Climate Change Fueling Migration in Sri Lanka

Climate change  in Sri Lanka may lead to higher temperatures, storm surges and increased rainfall variability. These in turn  impact agriculture and food security, water resources and human health. Extreme weather events and sea level […]

Climate change drives migration in conflict-ridden Afghanistan

The climate change predictions for Afghanistan reveal an increase in temperature that will dramatically impact the country’s agricultural production, water availability, and food security. Increased temperature, earlier snowmelt, and lower […]

Climate-Induced Displacement and Migration in Pakistan

Pakistan is listed among the most vulnerable countries that are experiencing both slow and fast-onset climate change events. The effects of climate change are now well evident in Pakistan. Long […]

Handbook for Loss and Damage Assessment

ActionAid, the Asia Disaster Risk Reduction Network (ADRRN) and Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA) with the support of the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN) have jointly produced the Handbook for Community-Led Assessment of Climate-Induced Loss and Damage.

Disaster Ready Community in the Sundarbans

The Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) recently published an outcome document titled Disaster Ready Community in the Sundarbans. Read the full report here.

District Climate Resilience Plan – Jhansi District

As global emissions from burning carbon-intensive fuels, deforestation, industrial agriculture et al continue to exhaust the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions budget for 1.5ºC (the global temperature increase goal aspired to be […]

District Climate Resilience Plan – Chitrakoot District

District level planning is currently carried out through coordination between District Planning Committee (DPC), Zila Panchayat accumulating Gram Panchayat Development Plans (GPDP) and Municipalities in urban areas. The DPC is […]

Manifesto Analysis on Environment Commitments in Nepal

In the election manifestos, political parties had made commitments to develop and promote clean energy, properly manage natural resources and forest, conserve water resources, control pollution and manage solid waste. […]

Transferring Climate Induced Disaster Risks: policy, practices and readiness of Bangladesh

The report summarizes nearly three decades of UNFCCC negotiation on L&D, analyses insurance and other risk transfer mechanisms, provides an overview on the disaster risk financing and risk transfer practices […]

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